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From Ted Anders (age 84)

Mayor of Flat Rock, Michigan 1975-1985

It has been my pleasure doing my rehabilitation at Belle Fountain Nursing & Rehab Center in Riverview.  The staff is great and so caring you feel like this is your home away from home.  The therapy department is amazing and helps you reach your potential.  I feel that my overall experience at Belle Fountain gives me the confidence to recommend this facility to all my friends and neighbors. 

Ted Anders  ~ Flat Rock,  Michigan

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From Angeline Bye

My grandfather, Dwight Altman spent some time there at your facility back in 2010.  We cannot say enough wonderful things about your facility and staff, as they were all wonderful.  Unfortunately, we lost my grandfather last year, but will always remember you and pass along your information to others to others that could use your services.  my grandmother is currently at your sister facility, (Four Seasons in Westland).  She likes it there as well.  Thank you again for everything you did for my grandfather,  he really enjoyed his time there.

Angeline Bye


From Karen Lawlor Cox-Sanom

I am currently a staff nurse at Belle Fountain.  With 35 years experience I have had 9 jobs in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics and a few other unmentionable entities!!  I can truly say that this is the best place I have ever worked!! The atmosphere is professional, light and laughter is plentiful.  I work with the best staff I have ever worked with and am proud to call them co-workers.  Management is amazing and truly if I had a loved one that needed rehabilitation... they would without a doubt be with us.  Thank you Belle Fountain for hiring me and allowing me an incredible work experience for the first time in my career.  Thank You!  
Karen Lawlor Cox-Sanom  ~ Gibraltar,  Michigan

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From Michele Guzik 

Not only am I an employee at Belle Fountain, I am also a family member of a patient who was here last month.  It has been one month since my Grandfather was here for 10 days of rehab.  He is doing well and back to bowling 3 times a week.  Actually, the day he was d/c from Belle Fountain, he went bowling!  I wold like to say Thank You to all the staff for taking such good care of him.  Belle Fountain does live up to the saying... Downriver's Best! Great Staff and Great Care!!!!
Michele Guzik  ~ Trenton,  Michigan

From Virginia McLinden (age 93)
Co-owner & founder of McLinden Shoes in Southgate Michigan 

I had a recent health problem and needed rehabilitation after my hospitalization.  I went to Belle Fountain Nursing & Rehab Center in Riverview.  Their rehab program was very thorough with outstanding professionals.  The nursing staff met all my medical needs in such a caring fashion.  I would certainly recommend Belle Fountain to anyone who should need rehabilitation services.

Virginia McLinden  ~ Riverview,  Michigan

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From the family of Helen Adams

Please accept our sincere thanks and gratitude for the outstanding care you provided our mother during the last years and days of her life...  Each of you (office staff, nursing corps, food services, house keeping, recreation and therapists) have individually contributed to her quality of life during the past two years... Believe me, she loved you just as much as the love you showed for her and, we witnessed those actions every day we visited your facility.... in addition,  you provided much needed guidance to us for our role in  processing the paperwork necessary to facilitate her stay at your fine institution.  During her last hours we saw many of you come in on your own time to visit and comfort her.... those were wonderful actions and much appreciated.
My Grandma Adams was very BLESSED to be at Belle Fountain.... the staff is very caring and the facility is top notch....
Best regards to all of you wonderful professionals.... Thanks again... 
The family of Helen Adams

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